On my daily commute, I regularly see a version of this bumper sticker. Not surprisingly, it’s on a car driven by an aging baby-boomer, hippie, feminist. I doubt that she’s ever actually thought about what it would really mean if we actually granted her wish. Of course, she’s showing her support for unrestricted abortion on demand, but there are a lot of other laws on her body and everyone else’s.

First, we’ll need to repeal all the drug laws. After all, it’s my body. Who are you to tell me what I can or can’t put in it? I wonder how many liberals can see the hypocrisy in wanting to legalize marijuana and ban Happy Meals.

If keeping our laws off her body means the right to kill an unborn child, it makes no sense to put restrictions on sexual behavior. So much for criminalizing prostitution. That should put a smile on Bill Clinton‘s face! We’ll have to get rid of the minimum age as well. Life is about to get harder for Congressional pages! (On the bright side, Barney Frank might never make it to another Congressional vote.)

So far we’ve legalized drugs, prostitution, and sex at any age. That’s just scratching the surface. Even rape is a restriction on what a person can do with his body, but we don’t need to go that far down the “keep-your-laws-off-my-body” path. We’ve already made it legal to get young girls drunk or stoned to make it easier to “seduce” them, or they could just be paid for sex.

“Keep you laws off my body” is just one of those nice sounding slogans that people use without really meaning it because they lack the intellectual skills or discipline to ever think deeper than a bumper sticker slogan. They wouldn’t really turn a blind eye to child prostitution or statutory rape just to protect abortion, would they? I mean, nobody does anything like that … except Planned Parenthood … or ACORN

Maybe they do mean it after all.