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The predictable left-stream media blitz about Republicans and the Tea Party holding America “hostage” is in full force. As is usual with left-stream media, Truth is the first victim. The fact is that House Republicans passed a debt ceiling increase. It is Senate Democrats and Obama who refuse to take action on the debt ceiling unless their demands for tax increases are met. If we are “hostages,” the hostage-takers are Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

The other standard mantra is that “compromise” shouldn’t be a dirty word. It’s not, but what the Democrats and their media lap-dogs mean by “compromise” is not compromise. What they mean is capitulation. Demanding that the other side give me everything I want in exchange for me getting everything I want is not an offer to compromise. But that is the “compromise” that Democrats always demand and that the old-school, left-stream media mean when they talk about political compromise.

What do the Democrats want? They want to maintain the status quo, which is massive expansion of an already bloated bureaucratic state. They want to continue their tax-and-spend-and-borrow-and-spend ways. They are adamantly opposed to any real cuts in the growth of the budget, much less any real cuts to any aspect of the budget. These snake oil salesmen want us to believe that we can borrow our way out of debt. These are the same physicians who think that taxing more money out of the economy is the cure for our economic ills. That’s like treating a patient who is bleeding to death with leeches. The economic problem is excessive government taxing, borrowing, and spending. Government has become a parasite and feeding it more can only make it worse. Obama’s main goal is to push this problem past the next election without accepting any real cuts in the budget. He hopes that will keep his wasteful deficit spending from being a major issue in the next election. He can’t run on the economy or anything he’s done to supposedly improve it.

They’re even talking about another stimulus package despite the glaring failure of every other stimulus package ever tried. These neo-Keynesians conveniently ignore the principle underlying assumption of Keynes: the existence of a stash of surplus cash built up during good economic times. Instead, establishment politicians of both parties have used the excuse of good economic times as an excuse to increase spending even faster than revenue grows. Another “stimulus” package is like drawing blood from a patient’s right arm so you can give him an infusion is his left arm and expecting him to have more blood than when you started. Deficit spending must be drawn out of the economy before it can be pumped back in.