Mr. Obama’s disgraceful speech on the “Arab Spring” displayed incredible ignorance of the reality of Israel’s current situation, a view of middle eastern “history” completing devoid of factual truth, and a faith in Palestinian good will that defies rational explanation. In stark contrast to Mr. Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress demonstrated true leadership and statesmanship by realistically assessing the history of Israel’s relationship with its Arab neighbors, the current situation in Israel, and Palestinian desires for genocide over anything vaguely resembling peace with a Jewish state in the Jewish homeland.

A few comments on the speech:

Prime Minister stated that he saw many friends of Israel in attendance, both Republican and Democrat. That was undoubtedly true. It also unquestionably true that Israel does not have a friend in the Oval Office. The only debatable issue is whether Mr. Obama is an enemy to Israel.

It is true that Israel’s Arabs have more freedom and greater rights than any people in any muslim country. To the extent that Palestinian’s lack rights, it is the result of their abuse of freedom to commit genocidal crimes and not Israeli aggression or oppression. Those rights are available to Palestinian citizens at any time, if they are willing to abandon their hatred and thirst for Israeli blood and death. It’s a small price to pay, but one that the Palestinian people have rejected at every opportunity.

Why is Israel the only country that has to assert its right to existence and self-defense? Absolutely nothing in Israel’s history justifies the anti-Semitic attitude that permeates not only the Muslim world, but is ubiquitous among liberals throughout the developed world. Palestinians aren’t condemned for murdering Israeli children while Israel is condemned for any effort to defend itself against even the most heartless killers like Hamas.

The modern Israeli state sits on land that is but a part of the historic, ancestral home of the Israeli people. It has been continuously inhabited by the Jewish people for over 4,000 years. No other people can make a similar claim! The truth is that the “Palestinian” people are descended primarily from Arabs that immigrated to Judea in response to the economic growth caused by the Zionist movement and the return of Jewish people to their homeland. To the extent that is not true, they are descended from people who immigrated to Judea many centuries after ancient Israel was established in Canaan.

The Palestinian refugee problem was not created by Israel, and it should not be the obligation of Israel to fix it. The Palestinian refugee problem was created when Arab Palestinians fled their homes in the face of the first invasion by Israel’s Arab neighbors like Egypt. They didn’t flee because their Jewish neighbors forced them out; they left in spite of Jewish calls for them to stay. They didn’t flee intending to abandon their homes and property; they left expecting to come back and not only reoccupy their homes, but seize the homes and property of their Jewish neighbors whom they hoped and expected would be slaughtered during their absence. Given their unconcealed intentions and desires, is it any surprise that so many were unwilling to return? They were NOT prevented from returning. These are people who fled their homes in the late 1940s. If they or their descendents are still living as refugees, they should stop pointing their fingers at Israel and take a good look in the mirror! They should also take a closer look at their “friends” in the Arab and Muslim world and ask themselves why none of these countries have welcomed them. Or why none of them support the formation of a Palestinian state at peace with Israel. If they abandon their genocidal war on Israel, the Palestinian people will quickly discover that their supposed allies were using them as proxies in a war on Israel and that helping Palestinians was never their goal.

The greatest irony of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that the best friends that the Palestinian people ever had is Israel! Only Israel desires that the Palestinian people share in the blessings of democracy, freedom, and peace. Despite decades of murder disguised as a war for liberation, Israel’s hand of friendship and peace is extended still. They only need to put down their weapons to take it in theirs. It is only the anti-Semites in the Arab and Muslim world, as well as those elsewhere, who want to see the conflict continue indefinitely.