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Last Friday, Stu Levitan posted the following comment regarding a hearing on a proposed Concealed-Carry law:

I think it would be fun to have 2 or 3 dangerous-looking black guys testify next week in support of concealed carry. The more gang-banger the better. Let the committee know EXACTLY who they’ll be letting carry guns.

Although the statement is blatantly racist, it actually reveals deep-seated bigotry of a different sort. Just as racism is based in part on false stereotypes on racial groups, this comment is based on a false stereotype about conservatives and Republicans–that they are racists. The Left has long used its hold on popular culture and media to perpetuate false stereotypes. They used to denigrate the intelligence and abilities of minorities. Now they prefer to attack traditional families and American values. I don’t know Mr. Levitan, but it is obvious from his statement that he is an ignorant bigot.

 Anyone with a decent knowledge of American history should be able to see the absurdity of equating racism with Republicans–the political party created by the Abolitionist movement, that fought against slavery in the Civil War, that passed the civil rights Amendments to the Constitution, that supported every attempt at civil rights legislation since the first laws were passed in the 1860’s, that attempted for years to pass anti-lynching laws that Senate Democrats filibustered, etc.– and racial tolerance with Democrats–the party of Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears, the supporters slavery and opposents of fighting the Civil Way, the authors of Jim Crowe laws, the defenders of “separate but equal” and segregation, the jailers of Japanese-Americans in WW II, the party of George Wallace and Bull Connors and his violent suppression of civil rights protests, the promoters of racism to “fight” racism, the defenders of an abortion syndicate that disproportionately kills black babies, the “providers” of a welfare system that has systematically destroyed African-American families and communities, the defenders of criminals that prey almost entirely on poor African-Americans, and the directors of over-funded but failing inner-city schools that do little or nothing to prepare young African-American children for college or life.
This statement is also an excellent example of why so many conservatives think liberals are just plain stupid. If Mr. Levitan actually managed to parade a group of gun-toting gang-bangers (of any skin pigmentation) before the committee (a proposal made easier by the fact that they already have the guns), it would only serve to reinforce the need for conceal-and-carry laws. The criminals already carry and use firearms, it’s part of what makes them criminal! Allowing non-criminals to be armed will discourage the criminals by increasing the risk of crime, particularly armed crime. Finally, the fact that minorities will have the same gun rights as whites may scare liberals like Mr. Levitan, but it doesn’t scare conservatives.