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Earlier today, Mr. Obama visited Ground Zero in New York city for the first time since his inauguration, and met with a small group of family members of 9/11 victims.  Fortunately for him, and despite the best efforts of his administration and Justice Department, his visit was not marred by an ongoing civilian criminal trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or any other GITMO detainees.  For the time being, Ground Zero is also not the sight of a mosque essentially in tribute to the 9/11 hijackers, but that could change.

As I wrote before, Mr. Obama deserves real congratulations and credit for ordering a dangerous attack on Osama’s suspected compound.  I don’t think he had any other viable alternatives, but there are always reasons to delay.  George W. Bush and Dick Cheney also have legitimate claims to credit for bin Laden’s death.  I’m even willing to give Bill Clinton a little credit for instituting the policy of rendition that Bush’s critics supposedly abhor (besides, if not for Clinton refusing to take custody of Osama on at least two occasions we wouldn’t have a reason to hunt him to death).  Far more than any politician, the brave Navy SEALs who stormed the compound deserve credit for a superbly executed operation.  Although the compound turned out in hindsight to be surprisingly easy to seize, the potential dangers were substantial.  The unsung heroes who deserve the most credit are the intelligence operatives that interrogated terrorists detainees at GITMO and various black sites around the world.  They and their families are potential targets for deadly retaliation by perhaps the most bloodthirsty group of killers in human history.

It is clear that the enhanced interrogation techniques decried by liberals, including every prominent democrat other than Joe Lieberman, as torture provided the initial clues leading to the identification and location of Osama’s couriers, which ultimately led to Osama.  While Mr. Obama seeks glory and praise for the raid, Attorney General Eric Holder is pursuing a vicious partisan, ideological vendetta against our own intelligence establishment.  This is not the first such investigation.  Career prosecutors at the Department of Justice (not partisan appointees) investigated claims of torture and determined that no laws were violated.  Despite the thorough investigations of torture claims, Mr. Holder and other politically appointed Justice Department officials are conducting an ideological witch hunt targeting the brave men and women taking the risks necessary to keep the rest of us safe.  For doing their part to keep us safe and free, Mr. Holder is trying to destroy their lives and take away their freedom.

Congressional Republicans should take the occasion of the most prominent accomplishment in the Islamonazi War to publicly commend the brave intelligence officers that made it possible and demand an end to Holder’s efforts to destroy them.

Osama bin Laden is now a martyr in the eyes of most of the muslim world.  That’s a small price to pay for sending him to hell.  Eric Holder is trying to turn the brave people who risk themselves to protect us into martyrs to satisfy the rabid Left.  That is far to great a price to extract from those who deserve only our respect and gratitude.

Eric Holder, stop your Jihad!