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Liberals profess to value Diversity and Tolerance.  They assert that diversity is wonderful because it is important to have input from people with different backgrounds, viewpoints, and ideas.  I have no problem with that reasoning.  Unfortunately, it bears little relationship to the type of diversity valued by liberals.  To put it bluntly, liberal diversity allows only differences in skin pigment and genitalia.  Anyone straying from liberal orthodoxy must be discredited and destroyed, especially if they are female and/or a minority who does not accept or share the views assigned to them by the liberal elite (e.g., Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Walter E. Williams, Miguel Estrada, etc.).   There is no one more intolerant than a liberal faced with opposition to his beliefs, which opposition they conveniently label as “intolerance.”  To achieve the potential benefits of diversity, it is essential that you have diversity of beliefs, values, experiences, and most importantly ideas.  Liberalism absolutely refuses to accept ideological diversity. 

Diversity in a population is a lot like metal alloys.  I’ll use basic steel as an example, hopefully without getting too technical.  Basic carbon steel is formed by mixing a little carbon with molten iron.  As the iron cools and crystallizes, the carbon molecules occupy interstitial spaces between iron molecules (imagine filling a jar with marbles (the iron) and BBs (the carbon)).  The presence of the carbon in those spaces changes the arrangement of the iron molecules to create a metal that is stronger than pure iron.  However, imagine the iron and carbon are not adequately mixed and that you have areas that are predominantly iron or predominantly carbon.  That metal would be weak and would fail easily.

To be strong, a society must be as fully integrated as possible.  It must be unified.  It must have some core values and goals in common (e.g., patriotism, liberty, opportunity, and prosperity).  Once this is true, that Unity can overcome the divisiveness inherent in Diversity and turn that weakness in to a strength.  When diversity is tempered and overcome by unity, they have the power to tolerate great diversity of ideas, practices, beliefs, religion, and everything else that divides us.  However, liberalism is a force of disunity.  Liberalism seeks power by dividing people in to groups and putting them in opposition to one another (e.g., rich vs. poor, men vs. women, black vs. white) to build a coalition of the supposedly victimized and oppressed.  Ironically, it is our opposition to the divisiveness of hyphenated-Americanism and racial preferences (a pretty name for racial discrimination) that is the basis of conservatives being accused of “divisiveness” by liberals.  The potential of diversity to strengthen society is frustrated when individual liberty is subjugated to group “rights” and group politics.  To regain our collective strength as a nation and a society, we must reject the divisive poisons of multiculturalism and racism.  We must embrace the ideal of a fully integrated society (admittedly an ideal that has never been fully achieved) with a common culture, core values that strengthen society, and common goals (the proverbial “melting pot”), such as equal opportunity, equality before the law, and individual liberty and rights, among others.  Then our diversity will be the strength it historically has been.  If we continue down yellow-brick-road of multiculturalism, we risk ending up Balkanized and in the dustbin of history.