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The White House has released a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  I never gave the idea that he was born in Kenya much credence, which is to say none at all after a cursory look at the “evidence.”

There are really only two kinds of people in the “birther” movement.  The largest group, by far, are good, decent people who just couldn’t see why Mr. Obama would hold out his birth certificate when it should be so easy to make the whole controversy go away by disclosing it.  This reasoning presumes, of course, that Mr. Obama would like the controversy to go away.  In fact, I think he enjoyed having the “controversy” go on because it allowed him to defame all his opponents as conspiracy theory kooks.  My only issue with these well-meaning people is their naiveté. 

The second smaller group are a bunch of despicable con men.  They promoted the “controversy” for profit.  I’ve received numerous fundraising email requests (all treated as spam) to pay for legal challenges.  No matter how many times they lose in court, and they always lost, they would try to find some way to spin the loss as putting them a step closer to victory–e.g., we can finally get this case up to the Court of Appeals.  I can’t help but wonder how much of the “cost” of all this frivolous litigation was living expenses, so to speak, for the promoters. 

Of course, there are some true believers, but I suspect this group will prove to be very small and not include anyone of even minor significance.  I’ve met people who still believe that the Clintons had Vince Foster assassinated to keep him from talking (theories about the “information” they didn’t want him to reveal are even more outlandish than the theories about his death).  These people will never accept that Obama is a natural-born citizen; it just doesn’t fit within their worldview.

Why release it now?  I’m inclined to agree with Rush on this one.  If concerns about Mr. Obama’s legitimacy really are gaining traction with independents and even democrats, the White House probably made the pragmatic calculation that the controversy was becoming more of a problem than a help.

I’d like to be able to say that this controversy will finally go away, but I put the over-under on claims that the certificate is forged on this Friday.  This won’t go away until the profiteers lose their funding.  If they can get donations, they’ll probably keep filing their absurd lawsuits.  Now, they’ll just have to allege that the certificate is phony.

 I’d also like to be able to say that this will make Trump go away, but that’s even less likely.  The giant ego with the oversized head fur isn’t going anywhere soon.  Hopefully that includes not going anywhere in the primaries.