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The AP is reporting the final result of canvassing the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.  Moderate Justice David Prosser defeated uber-liberal challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.  The final margin of victory is 7,316 votes.

Not surprisingly, like all main stream media outlets, AP is still misreporting the supposed “miscount” in Waukesha County.  The Brookfield votes were counted, reported to the County Clerk, and saved in the computer system.  However, the unofficial report provided to the AP was printed after the Brookfield was entered, but before it was saved.  Because of the timing, the votes were not included in the totals printed for AP.  There were NO NEW VOTES “found” after the vote count was finished.  Correct results apparently were provided to other outlets on election night, but media coverage of the election relied entirely on the unofficial AP report.

The Government Accountability Board’s website is still showing Milwaukee County as unreported.  Apparently the GAB will wait until after the deadline for requesting a recount has passed before declaring an “official” result.  Whatever!

Kloppenburg equals Dewey!

I just had to post this photo again.