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Why is it that we always hear about “social conservatives” while the label “social liberal” doesn’t seem to exist?  The easy explanation is that all liberals are “social liberals” while not all conservatives are social conservatives.  While correct, that answer begs the question.  Why is it that all liberals are social liberals?

There are a few common threads to liberals, or progressives as so many prefer to be called.  One is a knee-jerk hostility to traditional American values and institutions.  Another is a sense of entitlement to power based on the arrogant, elitist view that they are intellectually and morally superior to the ignorant, benighted “bitter clingers” of Middle America.  These character flaws have been discussed ad nauseam.  I want to discuss another characteristic that I have not seen discussed elsewhere.

Conservatives often talk of personal responsibility, which the Left distorts into intolerance.  Personal responsibility cannot exist without two prerequisites: 1) choice; and 2) consequences that flow naturally from that choice.  Liberals want choices without consequences.  Unfortunately for them, life doesn’t work that way.  Since reality refuses to conform to their utopian desires, liberals always look for someone to blame for their misery and failure.  Indeed, every liberal failure has a conservative scapegoat.  The examples run the gamut of social, economic, and political debates:

  • Abortion:  Feminists demand the right to commit infanticide at will so that they can avoid the consequences of the sexual “liberation” and “empowerment” they desire.  Another direct consequence of the sexual revolution is the dehumanization and objectification of women as they are increasingly viewed, particularly in liberal-dominated pop culture, as sex objects.  They can act with the sexual maturity and responsibility of frat boys or they can have the respect they desire, but not both.
  • Sex Education & Condoms:  Whether they’re distributing them in schools to adolescents too young to legally consent to sexually activity or in sub-Saharan countries where AIDS is rampant, the ultimate purpose is to enable sexual promiscuity without the consequences of pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases.  In the warped world of liberalism, teenage pregnancy isn’t caused by irresponsible sexual behavior.  It’s caused by abstinence-only sex education programs. This despite uncontroverted evidence that abstinence-only education reduces teenage pregnancy while contraceptive education does not.
  • AIDS:  In the 80’s AIDS spread like a wildfire through the homosexual population.  But rather than blame the hedonistic behavior that spread the disease, the Left concocted a fantasy world where Reagan was somehow capable of stopping the disease and was, thus, responsible for its spread.  Despite the irrefutable fact that AIDS is almost completely confined to homosexuals and intravenous drug users, the Left continues to insist that AIDS is a threat to the entire population despite the fact that predictions of a heterosexual AIDS epidemic persistently fail to come true.
  • LGBT Rights:  There are no actual rights that are denied the LGBT community.  They have all the civil rights and obligations of the general population.  There is no right to “marry.”  The marriage laws are the same for everyone–one man, one woman.  Even in a state like California that gives all of the legal rights of marriage to same-sex couples through civil unions, gay “rights” activists are never satisfied.  That’s because they aren’t seeking legal rights so much as official sanction and approval for their lifestyle choices.  Societies have historically not tolerated “perverse” behaviors because our collective experiences have taught us that some behaviors are self-destructive, not because of arbitrary moral codes.  Rather, our moral codes are the result of our collective experience across the millennia of human existence.
  • Poverty:  Just like lifestyle decisions can affect our health, lifestyle choices can create and maintain the poverty cycle or help lift people out of poverty.  Individuals who graduate from high school, get married and stay married, and have a family, in that order, are the least likely to live in poverty.  But rather than enact policies that promote hard work, education, marriage, and stable families, the Left wages an endless “War on Poverty” that consists almost entirely of subsidizing destructive lifestyle choices, such as, single-parenthood, welfare dependency, and dropping out of school.  Despite their failure, liberals insist that they could solve all these problems if we just let them pour more money on them, ignoring the trillions of dollars already wasted.  The War on Poverty created a permanent underclass almost unheard of in American history, and it is this permanent underclass that the Left uses to justify their demand for more of their failed anti-poverty programs.
  • Crime:  Speaking of the causes of poverty, liberals are soft on criminals because they see criminals are the victims of a cruel and heartless (i.e., conservative) society that keeps them in poverty.  Do they really think everyone in prison is Jean Valjean?  If poverty causes crime, why are economic crises (e.g., the Great Depression) associated with reduced rather than increased crime rates?  In reality, criminals are predators who create poverty for themselves and their neighbors, who are also their most frequent victims.
  • Gun Control:  Like other criminals, murderers are often seen as the victims and the blame for their crimes is placed on the criminal weapon of choice, handguns.  The worst criminals are turned into noble victims by the ideologically blind.
  • Education:  Public schools don’t produce illiterate graduates, as well as illiterate dropouts, because of poor effort by students, teachers, and/or administrators.  These schools are failing because greedy conservatives won’t increase school funding.  This in spite of the fact that education spending at all levels of government has been increasing at astronomical rates without any evidence of benefits.  And despite the fact that many of our worst public school systems also have the highest per student spending rates in the country (e.g., New York City and Washington, D.C.).

Modern liberalism, in all its forms, is a fundamentally Utopian belief system.  When their perfect world inevitably fails to materialize, liberals never analyze their actions and learn from their mistakes.  They blame anyone who disagrees with them.  Faced with societal challenges, liberalism doesn’t look for a cause–insufficient liberal control of society is always the cause.  Because they never examine the root causes of societal problems, they offer solutions that do not help and often make the problem worse.  They are like doctors who try to treat the symptoms without ever diagnosing or treating the disease.

They never examine the results of their actions, so none of the harm they cause is their fault.  Being liberal means never being responsible.