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Another historic premature declaration of victory

I just love this picture.  I don’t know who to credit, but it’s absolutely brilliant!

No doubt there will be a plethora of conspiracy theories from the kooky left to explain how the election was stolen.  Will Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus be the new “Katherine Harris?”  How long until Waukesha County Democratic Party Vice-Chair Ramona Kitzinger is “revealed” as a Republican plant?  The Huffing & Puffington Post comments are already accusing her of throwing her own party “under the bus.”  Better that than throwing the truth under the bus.  Which one of them first will be “discovered” to be related to the Koch brothers?  (Just an aside, but if the Koch brothers are as close to Walker and his campaign as the nutwings say they are, how did the prank call work?  If they were, the prank call the “close association” is based on wouldn’t have worked because they would have realized the caller’s voice was wrong.  But then, the Left never lets reason or reality get in the way of their beliefs.)
JoAnne Kloppenburg showed once again how utterly unfit for the Court she is by rushing to declare victory when every media outlet and election analyst was still saying that it was too close to call.  She compounded the problem by showing even more how disconnected from reality she is by maintaining that she won.  Of course, this pales with her inability to even pay lip service to truth and decency when challenged by child sexual assault victim Troy Merryfield to denounce an ad that falsely and maliciously accused her opponent of helping cover up the crime and protect the abuser.
She has added bad judgment and arrogance to her lack of empathy for victims of a heinous crime, lack of integrity, lack of qualifications, and record of extremist activism in the guise of environmental enforcement as reasons she should never be given a gavel at any level of the judicial system, much less Wisconsin’s highest court.